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Key Strata Management
Changing Your Strata Manager


Changing your Strata Manager is easy and can be kept confidential.

Here are eight easy steps that need to be taken:
  1. Discuss the need for change within either a formal or informal EC meeting.
  2. If the majority of EC members would either like to change or would like to simply assess their options, please email Key Strata Management at enquiries@keystrata.com.au or call us on 0490 000 812 for an appointment.
  4. We are happy to come to you to discuss your needs and expectations.
  5. We will then draft a proposal for your evaluation.
  6. If the proposal satisfies your needs, we will organise motions, meetings and agendas to achieve change.
  7. The EC (or 25% of unit entitlement holders) resolves to call a Special General Meeting.  Both the EC meeting and the SGM may be possible by postal vote.  Key Strata Management will draft the letter notifying your current Strata Manager of the need to call an SGM and we will attend the SGM, if required. 
  8. Key Strata Management will notify the former manager of the outcome of the meeting by sending them a copy of the minutes.  The former manager will be requested to distribute a copy to all owners (as required by the Act).
  9. Key Strata Management will liaise with the exiting Strata Manager to obtain records, keys and the like belonging to the Association to arrange for a smooth transition.
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